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    Default Under ground irrigation

    Really new to forum so I dont know if this is common knowledge. Put 1 inch plastic pipe in ground with box scrape. Tilted crazy foward and only one shank with eyebolt though it ,we could lay pipe 12 inches deep; 80 foot run. We had to have one guy stand on pipe when we first start and he has to stay there to keep the pipe down till you are done with the run. After breaking original eyebolt because it was too small the job went great!

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    Have you got pics of your set-up?what do you mean eye bolt through it? How does the pipe hook to it?

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    Default Re: Under ground irrigation

    Ditto, do you have more information or photographs about this setup?

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    Default Re: Under ground irrigation

    I am struggling with pictures, something that is still pretty new to me.
    Drill minimum 5/16 hole in tip of shank; put eye bolt through so the eye is to the rear of shank; drill minimum 5/16 hole in the plastic pipe and run a bolt through it; tighten it down making plastic pipe oblong so you can get a snap hook in there and around bolt; link snap hook to eyebolt and you're ready to go. This worked really good and since I dont have any pictures I will explain as many times needed.

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