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    Default need male PTO shaft for bush hog.

    i picked up a "new idea" 452 bush hog ((pull type)). and only have half of a PTO shaft

    i need male square shaft with a 1 3/8" 6 spline. and searching internet, and have come up empty on just half of a pto shaft. (not sure what search terms i should be using) i would assume there would be kits. or just parts. but i am coming up squat on just the shaft itself *frowns*

    distance from yoke attached to slip clutch. to tip of the PTO shaft = 63"
    length of Female portion of shaft that is attached to slip clutch = 43"
    female tube portion can accept up to 41" shaft
    distance form tip of PTO shaft to end of female shaft = 23"

    if i need a bare min of 4" overlap. then min shaft length i would need is 27" up to 41 inches long.

    not sure if it matters for length but....
    i have some fairly uneven ground. which could result in bush hog being 45 degrees vertically compared to tractor.
    and bush hog can do a good 90 degrees turn compared to tractor in the horizontal. ((other words i could jack knife the bush and tractor if i wanted to.))

    attached picture from AGCO Parts Books
    red = already have
    green = what i need.

    the female end of shaft has a shield already. though has a couple dents in it. no real big deal. if i could i would rather just by the stuff i just need. i am honestly not to worried about having a pto shaft shields.

    though if i got entire new shaft (male and female ends of a pto shaft) with included 1 3/8" spline. for hooking to tractor. is there certain measurements that is needed for the "cross piece" / union to undo new shaft end and hooked to yoke coming from the slip clutch? or is it a more common size for majority of PTO shafts?

    this is being placed behind an Allis Chalmers CA tractor. approx 20HP tractor. R1 rears. with small front end (setup for crop use) (kinda of a tricycle) PTO shaft replaced this winter in CA and hyd pump all new seals put in this winter as well. last winter new brake bands and battery installed. coming winter most likely engine work to deal with a slight knock in front cylinder and little oil leak.

    primary use of bush hog will be doing rough cut work. once or twice a year. to nock everything down. then go back with a 60" finishing belly mower on the CA to keep things looking good. so at most maybe 8 hours maybe 16 hours a year use. compared to finishing mower which is more like 100 hours a year easily.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails need male PTO shaft for bush hog.-newidea452bushhog-png  

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    Default Re: need male PTO shaft for bush hog.

    additional info...

    inside measurements of female tube square. 1 1/16" x 1 1/16" not best measurement kinda hard to get tape measure to fit down a little bit to get measurement.

    yoke that attaches to slip clutch.

    outside measurement = 3"
    inside measurement were "cross" goes 1 1/16

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    Default Re: need male PTO shaft for bush hog.

    Don't know if this will help. Just my two cents.
    My neighbor gave me his 452 which had been sitting, rusting, in his backyard for 30 years, easily. Shaft completely so rusted that it couldn't move. Another neighbor is metal fabricator. Even he couldn't free up the two parts of the pto shaft.
    After checking the web and suppliers without success for a used shaft, I a pto from Tractor Supply, not cheap at about $300 and had my neighbor weld the old pto eared collar (?) onto it.
    So the "free" hog cost about $380 total. Not bad. Works great.
    Best of Luck.

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