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    Default Re: Landpride RBT 4096

    Hello and congrats on your new acquisition,

    It looks like you got a great deal. I only fantasize about using such implements as I run a JD 2305 and I would just LOVE to be able to control my little blade with hydraulics (or electric worm drives, or hamsters or ANYTHING other than manual adjustments. I did have one thought that might account for the rather high HP stated for proper operation. Your blade certainly looks like a fine piece of equipment, but it also looks like it sticks WAAY out behind your tractor. That extra distance combined with the added weight just might make the tractor difficult to control as the rear blade sinks into earth, especially when the blade gets angled. Mind you, this is only one thought and it might well be incorrect, but I too have looked at that very same blade (while dreaming of owning a larger tractor) and wondered why the HP requirements seemed so high for a blade that appears to be functionally near identical to its barely smaller cousin, the RBT 35. I am just guessing, but would you let us know how your tractor (I think it will work just fine personally, but then again, what do I know) works when the blade is engaged.

    One of the reasons I dream of a larger blade is that mine is mainly used for clearing snow, and I would love to have one that clears more than just my own tracks (60" angled = 48" cleared) and I would also love to be able to wing the material off the road further.

    Please let us know with a post of email me personally,

    SI 2305

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    Default Re: Landpride RBT 4096

    I never updated this thread as one guy asked me to.
    I will start off with I love this RBT4096. The three way hydraulics give me infinite on the fly control of all three angles and I use all three sometimes in very small increments adjusting constantly depending upon what I am doing. I can not imagine not having all three hydraulic adjustments and what it would do as far as affecting my productivity and the finesse with which I can adjust without stopping and having to go back and make some incremental 15 degree movement then restarting.

    Question as far as would the tractor handle it, loaded up.
    I had a lot of concern about that as the RBT4096 was rated for 60-100 hp and I was just under the 60 hp with my year model and at the low end of the range to boot. I figured I would just have to take smaller bites and not so deep at a time. When I took it out I found I was thrilled with how my tractor could load up the blade and still move dirt and rock. I have not yet used it on snow (just drive through it with the equipment and truck) but expect that to be a piece of cake even with the wet and heavy stuff we get. I have used it to repair a logging road that has gone without repair for 11 years. The road that I have worked on is about 4500 feet with a 350 ft rise (a bit over 7% slope), of course there are steeper places and shallower places. I have loaded a couple of pictures of the blade partially loaded. This is on an up hill segment. The tractor has performed so much better with this blade than I ever thought it would. Even with it swung way to the side and angled I have been able to track almost straight with very little side slippage. I have R-4 tires with a lot of weight in them which helps.

    Landpride RBT 4096-photo135r-jpg

    Landpride RBT 4096-photo136r-jpg

    Landpride RBT 4096-img_1615r-jpg

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    Default Re: Landpride RBT 4096

    Thanks for the pictures, these blades are really nice to have and use.
    Top and Tilt Kits by Fit Rite Hydraulics

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    Default Re: Landpride RBT 4096

    That is a really nice blade.

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