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    Default Re: Backhoe Stabilizers: Horizontal vs. Vertical style.

    Quote Originally Posted by PatasColo View Post
    Looking at used TLBs. I've seen a couple of backhoes with stabilizers that are vertical and close-in to the tractor body, as opposed to the more common ones that drop down to the sides of the tractor like the wings of a butterfly (outriggers). Below are two pics to show what I mean... vertical vs. horizontal.

    I know that the horizontal ones act like an outrigger giving more sideways stability. Anything else I should be concerned about or know before buying one that has vertical stabilizers, as shown in the first pic? Are they just too "tippy" side-to-side?
    Thanks in advance... -Mitch

    I haven't seen any of the vertical outriggers that extend and the big problem with these is the potential for falling into a ditch. I would strongly recommend you go with the horizontal stabilizers unless you have a specific need for a vertical model. The wider stance is also beneficial operating on steep slopes too.

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    Default Re: Backhoe Stabilizers: Horizontal vs. Vertical style.

    The Bobcat hoe attachments that I've seen have the vertical stabilizer design as well. Poor stability on slopes and uneven terrain...

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    Default Re: Backhoe Stabilizers: Horizontal vs. Vertical style.

    The vertical posts are very popular here where I'm working in Eastern Europe. But, all on full sized machines, offering more stability. I personally would be leery of a small TLB as in the first pic. My 32 HP TLB has the standard outriggers, and even those will shift around if you get into some serious digging.....I don't want a narrower, vertical stance.

    And I agree wholeheartedly with Robert in NY......I'm about ready to sell several toys to buy that 'E' series CAT backhoe......that thing is NICE!!!

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