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    Default Re: Mid buster / bottom plow

    I have done most of my plowing with my 2N . Dad and I adjusted that Tractor Supply single bottom plow every way possible. I followed Zane's plow setup regiment to the letter . We could not get it to track right . It always wanted to pull to the right and there would always be a little unplowed strip between each row . The worst of the whole thing was that every time you hit a big rock ( and we have plenty ) the shear bolt would shear . It did do it's job but it is a pain to get off the tractor and replace over and over .

    With my trip plow , I just back up and it will reset . I will also tell you that we were able to setup that Ford plow in a matter of minutes and you can actually take your hands off the wheel and it will plow in a straight line !!!!!

    I got mine with a Ferguson 30 I bought but you can pick up a good used one for about the price of a new shear bolt plow .

    My Father in Law has a 2 bottom Ford trip plow that he pulls behind his Workmaster . It really makes short work of plowing but unfortunately my 2N won't pull it .

    I would recomend that you keep looking for a good used one . On the other hand , I will gladly sell you my slightly used Tractor Supply plow for half price !

    By the way , are you the same TBone who posts on ?


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    Default Re: Mid buster / bottom plow

    Thanks for the info on the plow. There are usually some of the older plows with the trip feature at the auctions and they always bring more $ than the shear bolt kind. Now I know why!

    We don't have rocks but some of my deer food plots have stumps under the surface which are just as bad. You and others have convinced me to go with a heavy older plow with the automatic trip.

    No, I'm not the TBone on YTMAG. I occasionally lurk there and I couldn't help but notice he (or she) stole my name. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/mad.gif[/img] Or could it be I stole theirs. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/blush.gif[/img]

    THANKS again.


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