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    Default Hydraulic couplers

    Somewhere I have seen some hydraulic couplers that take the place of standard couplers (for example on the rear of my kubota L5030). The new style couplers had a longer more "user friendly" neck so that it was much easier to hold them and retract the ring that frees up the detent balls so that the other half of the coupler could be more easily inserted or removed.

    Now - I cannot remember where I saw these - anybody know what I am talking about and where I can find these things - they looked like a great idea -



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    Default Re: Hydraulic couplers

    I have a L4330 and the 3 kubota rears are very user friendly--they are double action Push-Pull and no need to touch the sliders either engaging or disengaging ...subsequently, I swapped out the couplers on my other 3 "after-market" rears for same double-action (S40) ...made life lots better...they do require a somewhat different mounting, but I recommend them highly.

    As long as the engine is off and I have jiggled the spool levers fore and aft, they are easy to just push in, and disengage with the normal pull.

    I also note that the S70 series will push on under pressure ...neat but a llittle more pricey
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