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    Default hauling logs

    I know I should just try this out, but the tractor is 300 miles away.
    Comments welcome.

    I need to cut some Eastern White Pine logs this winter.
    A 16 ft log 24 inches in diameter will weigh about 1850 pounds.
    I have a kubota B3030HSDC with a box blade.

    Option #1
    Back up to the log and chain the end of the log tight to the face of the blade, then lift the log with the 3ph. The other end of the log will be on the ground.
    I can put stone in the bucket for counterweight.
    If I drive slowly, what do you see as safety issues I should look out for?

    When you look at Farmi Winches they have a blade set just aft of the 3ph, maybe 10 inches is my guess. The box blade is probably 16 inches wide so the log will have a bit more leverage, thus taking a bit more weight off the front tires.

    I have read many many posts and know pulling from the tow bar is better, but getting the log off the ground is critically important to safety.

    Option #2
    I suppose a log arch may be the best option, but they cost bucks or I need to borrow one and I try not to borrow tools, as things can break.

    Option #3
    Chain log to draw bar and lift... folks I have spoken to so far say this is possible but most are not encouraging.

    Option #4
    Buy a Log Hauler from Union Farm made by Earth and Turf for $325. +/-
    Log is closer to 3ph so geometry is better than box blade.

    Option #5
    Win the lottery and buy a Farmi Winch.

    Option #6
    Win the lottery and hire the wood cutting and hauling.

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    Default Re: hauling logs

    Can always get an old car hood, and strap the front of the log on it and pull from your drawbar. The hood sort of acts like a sled and you are pulling from the safest point.
    Good luck

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    Default Re: hauling logs

    I'd go with options #5 or #6 they are the most appealing. However if you want the logs this winter you can buy the following items at Union Farm and be out of there after plucking down about $50. It works just fine. Draw bar goes into the lower links of your 3ph and the hook attaches to that. Buy a length of 5/16 or 3/8 chain with a slip hook at the end. Your total investment may be around $70 if you don't have the chain yet.

    ps: with the box blade attached you may not be able to raise the end of the log off the ground.
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    Default Re: hauling logs

    I have an older JD855, 24hp, hydro, turfs, and only weighs about a ton.
    When I skidded a bunch of timber the last two falls, I used the trailer moving receiver hitch I built to bolt to a 3pt draw bar. I moved timber the size you mentioned with no problem.

    I backed up tight to the log, and picked up the end with the chain hooked to the top of the arm the top link hooked to. Once off the ground, I chained the log up close to the draw bar. That is the chain on the top link arm only lifted, and the chain on the draw bar pulled.

    There was enough slack in the pulling chain that the log rode a few inches behind the draw bar so turning wasn't a problem. And yes, it was a little more time consuming to do hook ups and unhooks..........

    A factory receiver hitch adapter cost something like $200 and up. I think I have less than $40 in my attachment, including paint........

    Good luck with that lottery

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    Default Re: hauling logs

    Option #6 - cut the log into smaller pieces before moving it.

    (Or do you need to keep the whole 16' length?)

    That seems to be a lot of weight for a B3030. Don't forget to add in the weight of the box blade.


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    Default Re: hauling logs

    If you lived closer I would let you use my log trailer. I would Chane it tight to the box ,If needed put weight in the bucket.The first few feet will tell you how it will go. KEEP YOUR HAND ON THE 3PT. LEVER! AT FIRST SIGN OF problems DROP IT! Go slow youll do fine. Skidding tears up the place also gets dirt in the bark . So your saw will suffer.
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    Default Re: hauling logs

    What is the wood going to be used for? Can it be cut smaller? What type of terrain are you working on?

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    Default Re: hauling logs

    I would go with option #3 as shown by easygo. The pic below is a way to get more height if you need it using the cross draw bar but it reduces your lift. This is on a L3300 taking out big logs.

    Your success is going to depend alot on the terrain you have to negotiate in as 20 20 alluded to. Your tractor is very small and light for those big logs. You will have to be smart and very careful to get it done safely.

    It is dangerous work. Be careful and think.
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    Default Re: hauling logs

    I also vote the drawbar on the 3PH in lieu of the boxblade.

    The boxblade weighs alot. And lifting 1/2 of the logs weight on top of that and I dont think it will lift at all.

    Hooked to a 3PH drawbar I think is going to be the only way you will be able to lift it and move it.
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    Can you cut it on the tip to a. Point and drag it with the drawbar. The hood is also a good idea just play dumb when the wife asks where her hood went.

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