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    Default Box Blade for BX 2660

    New guy needs recomendations for a box blade for my BX 2660. The book says max. weight for a box blade should be 375 lbs. Sounds a bit lightr to me. I was looking at Bush Hog but at 430 lbs that looks like a no go. I want a quality piece of equipment that will last at least as long as I do. Using the blade for gravel driveway up keep, landscape work and trail building on my Northern.Kentucky, hilly, mostly clay, properity. Thanks for all your help!

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    I have a BX2660 but was looking to go the fairly cheap route and bought a Countyline box blade from TSC. It's light duty but works well and I use it for the same uses you mention. I just recently added a little extra weight to it which helps. I even use this as my ballast box until I get my actual ballast box made.

    I'd assume the 375lb bb would be even better, being heavier, but you could always add even more weight to it. There have been a lot of examples of this shown in another post recently.

    Box Blade for BX 2660-image-147104704-png

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    Default Re: Box Blade for BX 2660

    I think you will be okay with the 430lb boxblade, I know my bb for the x749 is 425lbs and it handles it well enough. Our machines are very close in size with same size rear tires.

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