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    Default Horsepower for 6 foot Brush hog?

    JD 3005 27 HP, PTo rated 24 HP. I break sheer pins on a four foot 3 point brush mower. I can run a five foot without problems. Looking to buy a new mower. Do I have enough horsepower to move up to a six foot mower?

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    Default Re: Horsepower for 6 foot Brush hog?

    5 pto hp per foot of blade is what I was told.

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    Default Re: Horsepower for 6 foot Brush hog?

    I tend to think a 6' is too big for your tractor, unless you'll be cutting pretty light stuff most of the time.

    But ... I'd also check your manual to see if it tells the max weight your 3PH can handle regarding a rotary cutter (a lot of tail weight hanging very far from the 3PH ... even farther with a 6')?

    A 6' rotary cutter is a lot bigger than a 5': Bigger, heavier, longer/ wider ... everything.

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    Default Re: Horsepower for 6 foot Brush hog?

    I ran a 6' KK Bushhog behind my 28 HP. It would pull it, but was struggling going up the steep hills I have. Ended up bending an upper link on the 3-pt.....just too much weight.
    If it's all flat, light mowing.....find a lighter mower...might be OK. Not a factor for me, I sold my 28 HP will be using more HP for the 6'.

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    Default Re: Horsepower for 6 foot Brush hog?

    If your just pasture topping you should be fine, weight might be the down factor. A pull type would eliminate that problem though.

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    Default Re: Horsepower for 6 foot Brush hog?

    I had a 790 (same tractor as your 3005). I have a 5' cutter which the tractor ran quite easily.
    However, I don't think a 6' cutter would be a good fit unless you only doing some pasture mowing. If you plan on mowing moderate to heavy brush, I think you'll be disappointed.

    As a few guys wrote, a 6' cutter is heavy! Even a 5' cutter (in my case, a Land Pride weighing about 625-650 lbs) will be quite noticable on a light weight tractor like the 3005 (when raised in transport).
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    Default Re: Horsepower for 6 foot Brush hog?

    Did anyone say a 5 ft cutter what be a good choice..
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    Default Re: Horsepower for 6 foot Brush hog?

    I would have to ask why you are breaking shear pins on the 4' cutter??

    Are you trying to mow really heavy stuff?? Starting too hard? Hitting rocks?

    What kind of 4' cutter is it?

    under normal use, your 3005 shouldnt break shear pins on a 4' cutter
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    Default Re: Horsepower for 6 foot Brush hog?

    I agree that a six footer would not be the right choice. The 3-point hitch capacity on your model at 24 inches is 815 pounds. - information on all makes and models of tractors Are you having the shear pin problem due to the terrain and height of the vegetation that you are mowing?
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    Default Re: Horsepower for 6 foot Brush hog?

    Whatever rotary cutter you decide upon. I would suggest you add a slip clutch if you are breaking that many shearpins.
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