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    Default No such thing as "Free Freight"

    The price of the freight is always hidden in the total price. Free Freight is just a way a dealer uses to average the freight among customers. Some customers end up paying more because of free freight. I had priced my seats a $50 each and sales were so so but I changed the price to $65 free freight and the sales increased. There is no free lunch.

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    Default Re: No such thing as "Free Freight"

    Mark, I bet if you would have changed the price to $64.99 instead of $65.00 you would have sold even more! [img]/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

    I've run into this when buying almost anything online, i.e., the place that has the lowest price on the product usually charges more for shipping. You have to look at what it will cost to get the product the whole way from the seller into your hands.

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    Default Re: No such thing as "Free Freight"

    Hi Mark--We dont have free freight--However--We do have Free lift gate for easy offloading and Free call the customer before delivery and Free notification of pickup with tracking numbers and hyperlinks to track shipments 24/7--We still have to charge $80-$90 to ship 400 pounds to a thousand mile radius of Our location in central Ky--Ken Sweet
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