Is there a diagram somebody can post on where to hook the two hydraulic lines that come off my loader to the tractor?? Down on the lower right side of tractor is a Hydraulic junction block of sorts. It has 3 steel lines entering it on its left side. There is a flexible line that loops two connection points together on its face and then there is a single quick disconnect fitting off its right side. Nothing labled of course. I have three lines hanging off the loader valve assembly. One that butts straight out towards the driver that has a green band around it and a green dot at the fitting it connects to on the valve assembly. I am guessing this is an aux line???? Then of course I have the other two lines hanging off. I am sure one is high pressure and the other is the suction line/ return line. So far I have not read anything online here about what lines are for and connections to make things work. Surely I am not the first guy to hook a loader up in his driveway