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    Default 4in1 PLUS thumb?

    Do you 4in1-bucket guys find it ALSO desirable to have a backhoe-thumb (for the occasional root or rock in-the-hole?), or do the 4in1 "jaws" take care of your "grabbing" needs?


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    Default Re: 4in1 PLUS thumb?

    Larry - The 4-in-1 jaws work just fine for gripping things, as far as I'm concerned.


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    Default Re: 4in1 PLUS thumb?

    Most of the time the 4n1 works just great.

    However I could use a thumb or some such. I saw an ad for a cage like thing that was just to grab brush. I have quite a bit of brush that need to be picked up and the 4n1 just can get its mouth around the pile. I'll eventually get it done with a chain and some manual labor. Once the piles are picked up I don't think I'll have the chore to do again so I can't justify spending any money to get equipment for a one time job.

    Course if it was cheap enough.... 8-)

    Hope this helps...
    Dan McCarty

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