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    Default Finish Mower Problems

    I just took the blades of my mower and filed the edges a little bit. I put them back on alligned all the same way. I torqued the bolts to spec. I engaged the mower to make sure they were working. They work fine except the mower shakes now worse than it did. Why is this?? I have them all aligned and put back the same way. Any ideas??


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    Default Re: Finish Mower Problems

    More than likely you got the blades themselves out of balance. You may have to take them off again and balance them out. They are just like the tires on your car, if you don't keep them balanced they will vibrate.

    In my owners manual it shows you how to balance them out, check in yours to see if your's shows.


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    Default Re: Finish Mower Problems

    Yep, sounds like one or more out of balance. That could be because you filed more weight off one end or the other, or it could be that dirt, grass, etc. was built up on the blades and you cleaned more off one end than the other. I always thoroughly cleaned mine with a wire wheel on the bench grinder before sharpening. And then the other possibility . . . are you sure you have them on straight? Some blades can be put on off centered; i.e., the hole in the middle is larger than the bolt and fits over a "shoulder" on the mower and they have to be put on straight.

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    Default Re: Finish Mower Problems

    Sounds like a balancing problem, but if you've only filed a little, I'm wondering if it isn't something else. Check the balance, but also look for a bent blade of maybe even a bent shaft.

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