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    Default 3 pt fork lifts

    I'm running a small containerized tree farm. (Tree's start in pots as seedlings
    instead of being field planted.) The pots are on pallets. The pallets are
    moved each spring from the sheltering woods to the open fields, or
    partially sheltered field (depends on species.) In the fall they are moved

    I have a Deutz 6250, which is your typical 50 horse chore tractor, and
    not very nimble in tight spaces. I rigged up some channel on the bucket
    and have been making do with that, but a load of trees on the bucket
    bounces around a lot on a rough field. Have to move slowly. Plus
    I can't see the fork tips very well, plus the loader on this tractor doesn't
    do fine motions that well. (Could be the operator....)

    Woods makes a 3 pt hitch forklift that would fit this tractor, which would
    give me enough lift to put it on the truck. But for moving the pallets around
    I think I just need a pallet fork that attaches to the 3 pt hitch. That, with only
    a few hundred pounds would be in the working range of my kubota B7100,
    which is cheaper to run, and more manoeverable.

    So: who makes cat 1 pallet forks?

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    Default Re: 3 pt fork lifts

    Try this thread, which was active just a couple weeks ago:

    Pallet Mover

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    Default Re: 3 pt fork lifts

    You can get a hay stacker that has a single stage cylinder to lift forks up to 4 feet then use the 3poin hitch for a few added feet. They re simple to build. On our 30 horse tractor i took an old forklift mast and welded on 3point hitch brackets Here a solid tire lift truck can be had for 250 and you get a mast and forks and all sorts of goodies with it. Ours liftes up to 12 feet with the lift on the ground and 13.5 feet with the 3point raised. I dont have an auxhilary on my tractor so im using a 12 volt pump. I plan on adding an electric powerbeyond pump later when i get tim to run the lift and a hydraulic tilt to tilt the mast forward and back. I converted one of these for my friens that hobby farms and he uses it to stack round hay bales, fertilizer crates of feed, pick up mawers for sharpening, load logs, and around his new orchard. He has another one he wants converted to go on the front of a 150 hp Ford for bale loading.

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