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    I bought the grapple bottom below, which has long tines you can jam into the ground below the roots, & then try to lift (usually doesn't work), or instead pry:

    Set the grapple bottom at about a 45-deg downward angle, push the tines under the roots ... if possible push down to the point where the front of your tractor is off the ground, so you can use its weight to help pry ... then curl the bucket. The weight of your tractor should push down on the back of the grapple bottom & curling your bucket will allow the tractor weight to pry up under the roots.

    I got the 72" wide model, but if I had it to do over, I'd get the 60" model. And usually even the 48" would work, but I also use it to haul debris around, where wider is better.

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    A few years ago I bought a toothbar 72" and a stump bkt. from Markem for my 6000lb machine. The tooth bar Is a very good investment for The $.At the time I had 5 arces of thorny crabapples to clear. I found it better to cut the bigger trees 4-6" dia.and doz/ push the roots .Sometimes I had to scratch um up with a bh. I had thought a stump bucket would be useful too... but as it turns out no so much for this task. I've found that my stump bucket is excellent at trenching a ditch ,trans planting single bushes & small trees . furrowing etc. but not land clearing. I've used pallet forks especially the ones Brick/masonary companies use and do what Beppington said.
    Most recently I've built a grapple for my toothbarred bucket on the front and built a box blade/ ratchet rake combination on the TPH . This is what I'm currently using to clear ground ....
    72"brush mower,72" finish mower 10' bh w/ thumb,48" forks,QT 72" toothbucket/loader w/grapple,72" kk tiller,72 " pto snow blower ,84" custom drag blade tph, 70" scraper tph, 80 ton home made tire shear QT, QT stump bucket 48", 2 ton 4x4 dump truckw/w,M35a2"duece" w/w,& a 72QT "beautiful" carry all... and some top secret impements

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    I don't know what your tractors 3 pt lifting capacity is but you might have better luck pushing the trees over with the bucket then using a 3 point stump grubber to get under the root and lifting. Another member "TraderMark" made one and here is the link to the post.

    Good Luck

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    Default Re: tooth or stump bkt

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    Dustin, I don't know for sure, but, just guessing, I probably don't have enough tractor to operate the woods. Thanks for the info though.

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