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    Default No pressure in field sprayer?

    Ok, so I'm not a farming genius, but I try really hard to do all of this stuff on my own but i've never used any of this equipment before.

    I have a 55 gallon field sprayer that I'm trying to spray my pastures with. I've used this sprayer twice in the last 6 years. This year I had to replace the pump because it rusted, so the pump is less than an hour old. But 1/2 way thru my 3rd acre I lost pressure. 0 pressure. The spray keeps coming out, but not sufficient. I replaced the pressure regulator because from my point of view, there wasn't any other part on the system to actually brake - it's just all hoses. STILL Zero pressure.

    What else could it be? The gauge can't affect the actual pressure, can it? Like maybe a clogged pressure gauge?

    i would surely appreciate any help. I have 4 acres of horse killing weeds to go.


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    My guess is you have a clog some where between the pressure guage and the pump.... Prolly from sitting so long

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    Default Re: No pressure in field sprayer?

    Check the strainer/pickup tube, crap may have gathered slowly blocking the inlet. These sprayer systems need a good cleaning with every use to prevent these problems and cross contamination from various chemicals too. I run salad oil in my pumps to store.

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