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    Default What size round bales?

    What size bales are most common? 4x5, 5x5, etc. And why? I am interested in fescue type hay. Thanks for your input. - Ken

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    Default Re: What size round bales?

    Really, whatever works for you.

    Bigger farms prefer the 5x6 bales, most effient for twine/wrap use and handling volume most quickly.

    Some states you need to sitck with a 4 foot wide bale to keep within the 8 foot wide rule for transporting very far.

    This makes a 4x6 baler popular now, as you can make smaller bales - 4x4 - for those who have mallaer tractors to move them around, but can make a bigger baler for better efficiency - 4x6, and still fit on semis for hauling.

    But, whatever fits your needs and equipment.


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    Default Re: What size round bales?

    Sileage is pretty much all 4x4 or 4x5 as it is very heavy. 4x5 is probably the most common bale locally. We used to use the neighbours 4x4 with twine tie. I found it annoying, over half your time spend sitting tying bales and ejecting. We went back to small squares.

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