I have a new Kubota B3200, and after looking at all the blades on Everything Attachments and Land Pride I am unsure what this tractor will handle. Will a 72 inch back blade be too much for this tactor. The tires are not loaded as it is was not recommended by the dealer due to the BH attachment. I am also confused on whether or not I can have a hydraulic blade, and if it hooks up the same as the BH does or does it need different controls and what would the approximate price be for the set up. I have about 300 ft of driveway (u shaped), and it is stone not pavement so I am thinking skid shoes would also be a good idea so as not to scrape all the stone off the driveway. I live in the southern tier of Buffalo so I get lots of snow. The reason Im thinking of a back blade is due to the preice of getting a front mount snowblower. Any help with this would be appreciated.