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    Default Re: Modify Post Hole Auger

    I would say that your best bet at this time if you havent already taken care of the stump would be to just rent a small stump grinder and take the little time it takes to do a stump or two and be through with it. Being a guy I know the thrill of designing a tool to do a job and conquring the challange. If you have a serious need for removing many stumps and doing so in a time frame without care for damage a stump auger or rotor s stump grinder is great. I built mine out of a 90 horse gear box off an old shreader with a 6 inch sproket driving a 12 inch sproket in 120 pitch roler chain. two pillow block bearings and a two inch shaft. at the bottom of the shaft I used a 6 inch section of cutting edge for a D6 dozer pitched at ten degrees and angled up on the ends at twenty degrees and welded them to the shaft directly opposing one another, they are 15 inches long and i later welded a vertical cutter to the ends to make for a cleaner cut and it does alot nicer job with just two inches sticking up to clean cut root ends. For the pilot bit I took a piece of AR400 flat stock three inches wide and cut it to a triangle style point and ground the back side of both leading edges to look simular to a flat style drill bit. I keep all the cutting edges sharp and it works pretty good. the frame work is pretty much the same as a post hole digger just seriously beefed up. I've been using it on a 145 horse tractor and it only takes a minitue or so to do away with a 24 inch oak stump. Been thinking about doing some things different, mainly putting a pin on bit instead of having to undo the bearings and gear to remove it as to be able to put bigger or smaller bits on. also wouldnt hurt to set it up with a cylinder to pull down on the auger instead of just the weight of it working for it. When its sharp it cuts very aggresively but when it is dull, you can sharpen the bit quicker then it cuts through a stump. My speeling is horrible so please excuse and see if this helps anyone. Grand Daddy always told me to work smarter before harder.

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    Default Re: Modify Post Hole Auger

    I suggest digging it out with a back hoe and backfilling with good dirt.

    even if you grind it out, youll want to remove all the chips and backfill with good dirt in order to plant a new tree in the same spot.

    oh and the gear box on a standard PHD isnt nearly strong enough for the typical auger grinder that is used. (see youtube vids)
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