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    Default Re: Can't get finish mower blades off

    I think it's kinda funny this thread popped up again; I never did come back and update with what I found. After all the comments here and all my attempts with various things and stepping away from it for a bit since I wasn't getting anywhere, I went back to it one time for another look to see if I could tell which way the threads went. What I saw made me feel like such an idiot I had to walk away again: When I lifted up the mower deck and took a good look underneath at the bolts holding the cutting blades on, I couldn't see any threads at all. Because I was looking at the bolt head, not the nut. The bolts come up from the bottom, the nuts are on top. Freakin' dipwad. No idea if it's supposed to be that way on this model or if the last owner just put them in that way, but whatever. Haven't even bothered trying again since; probably will sometime this winter since other farm stuff will be slowing down a bit.

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    I went to Messick's website and looked at the parts diagram for your mower. It indicates 1/2x1 1/2 inch grade 8 fine thread bolt to attach the blade to the spindle shaft. No indication that they are reverse thread. The bad news is that once you secure the blade and just start to get the bolt loose, the blade will now turn freely and you have lost your control of the spindle shaft. That leaves attempting to secure the spindle shaft from above via the existing belt or by some type of wrench on the shaft. The exposed nut on top only secures the pulley to the spindle shaft and holding it would probably just loosen the nut. Heating the bolt would fry the grease out of the spindle bearing and probably ruin it. I would try, as suggested many times, the 3/4 inch impact wrench and hope it loosens the bolt before the shaft spins. Good Luck!!!!

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    The blade must rest on some kind of hub that you would be able to hold from turning by using a strap wrench or pipe wrench once you break the bolt loose. A 1/2" bolt shouldnt be that hard to get loose or perhaps twist off which would be a bummer. A 1/2 drive rachet or breaker bar should do the job. The bolt should turn opposite direction of blade rotation in order to stay tight but this is not always the case. Look at your cutting edge and turn the bolt in the opposite direction and see if that works.
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