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    Default Frontier Landscape rake help


    I need a little help with a landscape rake, I have a 2210 and 72 inch frontier rake with gauge wheels, first off I have never used or had a rake so this is probably operator error, but I also not sure this is the right rake for this tractor. I am assuming the rake should sit level front to rear and rest on the wheels. The problem is that the lower pins are so high off the ground it doesn't sit level and then really digs in, if I adjust the top link to level it then I cannot lift the rake. I kinda get the feeling this rake is not for this tractor but I was told the 5 foot rake didn't have gauge wheels which I felt important from reading here. The dealer is very good to work with and will help fix the problem if I can figure out what it is. I was thinking of modifing the lower pins by adding a link that would hang down a few inches and reattaching the pins in a lower postion, I think this would work fine but then I would not be able to turn the rake around if I wanted. Anyone got any suggestions, is it me or the tractor or the rake.


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    Default Re: Frontier Landscape rake help

    Ahh you have now encountered part of what "limited Cat 1" means. The 2210 & BX size of machines don't have quite the lifting power of a "standard" compact tractor, as well as, the standard hitch spacing and height. You should either get the 5 foot rake and make some wheels for it, or as you suggested relocate the pins and upper lift point.

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    I have the same problem with my TC18. If I set the top link so the rake is level and can rotate levelly, I can't lift it high enough; if I set the top link so I can lift it, the rake tilts from side to side as I lower it because the top mount is not level and one side goes down before the other. I believe you're right that the links will have to be modified for these smaller tractors. The TC18 is not a subcompact, but it is small.

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    The Woods estate series 5' rake is designed for subcuts. I just picked up my wheel kit today and will be working with it as soon as this $#@#@$%^^$ rain stops.

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    As DaveL says, the Woods EState series works like a charm with my BX2200. My complaint is that the wheels won't castor in reverse - I put a dolly castor on the support stand so that I can wheel it around when it's off the BX.

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    Default Re: Frontier Landscape rake help

    Dave send some that #$%^*rain down here my peas need some of it.

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    Default Re: Frontier Landscape rake help

    Another thought - consider twice before modifing it in such a way as to prevent turning it around. I'm in the process of cleaning up a lot of broken branches, twigs, etc., and I find that turning the rake around really works great.

    I have a dirt scoop, and ran into similar problems as yours with the rake. What I did was to make a shorter top link - to find the proper length, I set the scoop on a furniture dolly, leveled the scoop, then attached a chain as a top link to see if it would work. When I determined the proper length (11.5 inches), I then fabricated a top link out of chain, shackles and pipe. Works great.

    If I'm not mistaken, the problem lies in the vertical relationship of the lift pins to the top link connection on the implement.

    Examples - with the Woods Estate series rake more or less level, the lift pins are about three inches forward (closer to the tractor) of the top link hole. But, with the dirt scoop, when it's more or less level, the lift pins and the top link hole are in the same vertical alignment.

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