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    Default Over arm, side arm cultivator?

    I have a BX2660 kubota. Nice tractor and does what I need it to, generally, except it is low on ground clearance. This makes it not suitable for cultivating the garden. So, this year I'm out with a hoe cultivating while the tractor sits. This, of course, keeps me out there with one of my favorite sayings where I'm thinking "every time I begin to think I'm a pretty smart guy, I do something like this". I've considered getting a larger tractor with more ground clearance, but I just don't want to take a beating on the trade/sale unless I can't make the 2660 work for me.

    I'm thinking of making an over-arm cultivator that would allow me to reach about 4-6', a couple rows, to either side and drop a couple points into the furrow. Given it would hang out there pretty far off the side of the 3pt., I might have to have an anchor point off the front to triangulate the load. The arm would be center pin mounted off the 3 pt to swing to either side. I'd have to reverse the points after changing sides or I could just make it one sided and turn the tractor around. It might not be the most efficient use of space as I'd have to leave a bare 4' for the tractor every 4 rows, but if it works I could pretty much retire the hoe. I could then find something else to wrap my favorite saying around

    What do you think?

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    Default Re: Over arm, side arm cultivator?

    I feel your pain. I have a kubota B2620 and although it has 12 inch of clearance I'm still out there hoeing. I keep telling myself I don't compact the soil as much as the tractor would.

    I have a friend who has a garden of about 10 strips of soil 5 feet wide and about 100 long. Between these strips he has mowed grass walkways about 4 feet wide. Looks nice! Your idea would be ideal for his set up.

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    I have basically the same tractor. In this tractor hp range you're probably not going to get 24" of clearance. You can cultivate with your crops slightly taller than 12", maybe up to 18" or so( theyll just bend and snap back) What crops do you grow?

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