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    Default PTO driven WOOD CHIPPERS

    I am thinking about buying a PTO driven wood chipper for my New Holland TC35D. I am wondering if anyone here uses a chipper and what are the best brands out there to purchase. Also, from your experience, what are some things to look for in the chipper. I have seen the ad at their website, Liberty chippers (they also make 3 point backhoes for tractors) and the 8" power feed model looks like it would get the job done. But what other brands are good ones? I need answers from someone with experience with this type of attachment....please give me the good scoop !!! Thanks !!!!


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    Default Re: PTO driven WOOD CHIPPERS

    Hi MFWD,

    Your best bet is to use the "Search" function on the site here. If you punch in "chipper" you will get a ton of great information. I purchased a Wallenstein and picked it up yesterday (which will be the topic of an upcoming thread).

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    It seems that Wallenstein is very popular back in your neck of the woods but in my opinion you can't do better than a Salsco. They are built in the US and are built very robustly. They come from your area as well. I have one that I got after looking at a bunch of different models and would buy the same again. Well worth looking at if you want a really good unit.
    Can't comment on the Wallenstein as no one out here sells or carries them. There are a couple of brands that are made by the same company and branded as different names so look at that as well.

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    Default Re: PTO driven WOOD CHIPPERS

    I'm very satisfied with my Bear Cat. It's well built, and very importantly based on my past experience, requires removing only one bolt to access the knives for sharpening. Sharpening is a frequent task with any chipper, so easy access to the blades is important. Also, I think the blower is essential if you are planning on doing any volume at all. I think there are some other brands that are apparently made by the same manufacturer, so you may do just as well with another brand that's similar.

    Mine is a chipper only, which isn't too happy with large quantities of of leaves on the branches, or with light brush. If you will have a lot of that sort of thing you might want to get a chipper-shredder.

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    Default Re: PTO driven WOOD CHIPPERS

    I think we should start with how much you're willing to spend, and how many hours per year you intend to put on the chipper..

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    Default Re: PTO driven WOOD CHIPPERS

    If I ever had to replace my 4" Patu (no longer available new here), I'd get a Wallenstein BX42 . The price is reasonable, it has a 4x10" throat to help swallow branches and small trees that are crooked or branch out at high angles from the trunk. They are direct drive and have a chute that can be directed where you want the chips to go - like directly into a cart or wagon. The folks who own them seem to really like them. I almost bought one, but found my used Patu for very cheap. Anything over 3 or 4 inches goes on my wood pile for the stove, but they make larger chipper if you want/need one. Hyd feed is also available.
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    Default Re: PTO driven WOOD CHIPPERS

    I have a BearCat Model 554 5" chipper/shredder that I bought used about 6 years ago. I am very happy with it. I have never used anything else so I can't say how they compare. I have a mile of road to maintain and chip all the roadside trimmings. It is through the woods so I use it quite a bit.

    As said above a search will get you tons of good info.
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    Default Re: PTO driven WOOD CHIPPERS

    My small kubota BX25 (~17HP@PTO) handles the Wallenstein BX42 (4") surprisingly well. The Wallenstein is very basic, easy to clean / sharpen, and gets the job done incredibly well for its size. The 6" model is the BX62. Can't say enough good things about this brand/model.

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    Default Re: PTO driven WOOD CHIPPERS

    I shopped around seriously for a few months, and ended up getting a Wallenstein BX-42. What I liked about that model was the easy access to the blades, the heavy build quality, the 360-degree discharge chute, and the blower. The last two items are often optional, or not available, on many chipper models. As I found, it's very helpful to pinpoint where and how you want to throw the chips, and you only get that control with a chute and blower.

    Note that chippers are meant to handle wood, and won't do well with leafy brush unless it is easily sucked in with larger material. If you have to deal with a lot of small material and leafy brush, you will want a chipper/shredder (more money of course).

    There are a lot of good brands and models, and prices range from about $1800 on the low end to $4500 on the high end, for chippers in my size range meant for a kubota B2920. Obviously, the bigger you go, the more expensive.

    I'd suggest figuring out the largest stuff you'd need to chip, and then go from there. In my case, the 4" capacity of the BX-42 has been more than enough for my needs.

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    Default Re: PTO driven WOOD CHIPPERS

    I shopped around with a budget of ~$1500 so that either got me a chinese brand or a used one. Wallenstein from all accounts are good but was over my budget. Jinma (chinese) makes an 8 inch chipper that when you hear from their owners and they are adjusted correctly work really nice and are about $1800 new. there is a place called Ranch Hand Supply (Jinma Dealer, Wood Chipper , Compact Jinma Tractors) that has an excellent reputation and modifies and sets up each Jinma they sell so that you do not have to do it. I thought very seriously about getting one from them..they are located in Virginia.

    However, I bought a used one and its made by valby (CH 150) - it chips up to 6 inches but like many folks here...anything over 3 inches I burn. I like the fact that this chipper allows for aiming the wood chips and that the hopper where you put the branches in is more horizontal than vertical. I would think vertical is a lot harder on your body when dragging and raising braches for a few hours. Fly wheel size is important and mated to correect PTO hp...the heavier the flywheel, in my opinion the better. Check out costs of replacement belts and sharpening too. TSK (Tennesse saw and knife) sharpened my blades for ~10 bucks each.
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