I just got off the phone today with a Befco engineer and was informed that we BX owners will soon have another choice in a post hole digger. Befco has designed a new unit for the BX and JD2210. The unit so I'm told has a shorter main frame and yoke system that will allow the use of standard 46" augers. Most units for our BX's use I believe a 36" auger or maybe even a 32" auger. I'm told that this new unit is plenty strong for what ever we want to drill. If you look at the Worksaver unit you will see that the yoke is flat steel bent to form the support. The Befco will use structural pipe so I'm told just like what I have now. They are looking at using a 2" output shaft on the power head or they may drop down to a 1 1/2" output shaft. I expressed my desire to see the 2" unit since all my bits are of that size. I'm hoping they make the main frame to fit existing power heads as far as spacing goes. It would be nice to just order the new yoke and main frame and still be able to use my power head and PTO drive shaft. More news to come in July I think I'll wait for them to announce the final design before buying a new unit. I have used my Mole 3 power head for many years now without so much as a hint of trouble. This unit is one HD PHD. I have been very happy with tech support and quality of their units. Mark