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    Default Re: What's Your Dream Attachment?

    I don't think mine has been invented yet. It's a trail clearing machine of sort, used in the woods, and mounted to the 3PH for visibility. (used backing up). Instead of grinding everything to a pulp at high speed, it has hydraulically operated jaws that will nibble thru a downed log or bite off a small tree. Then it has a beefy horizontal bar to push everything off to the side of the trail.

    Once I get up on the tractor, I like to stay there. That's why I tell my wife that what would take 2 minutes with a rake and shovel, I'll spend 5 minutes doing with the tractor!

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    Default Re: What's Your Dream Attachment?

    IMG_2515.JPG Not sure I have enough use for it, but it is one of the coolest attachments I have seen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spindifferent View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Bigfoot62 View Post
    OK, that's a new one on me. Never heard of that before.
    Quote Originally Posted by magicheater View Post
    That's the ticket, better tilled soil than a rototiller and less worm kill along with no hard pan bottom.
    Quote Originally Posted by Spindifferent View Post

    I wish I could find a spading machine that was reasonably priced. They seem to be much more popular in Europe, and I've only been able to find a couple distributors here in the US. Very expensive, unfortunately, and I haven't been able to find a used one for sale.

    What exactly does this implement do? The link did not have a lot of info.
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    This would definately be my favorite. To all those out there that have trimmed numerous limbs by hand, I believe you can see my point of view. I am thinking of making one of these for the front of a tractor with a stand alone engine and curious if there are any takers??? Can cover 1/2 mile, 18 feet tall, on both sides of road in an hour.

    Lil Woody tree limb trimmer - YouTube
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    Default Re: What's Your Dream Attachment?

    For me, my 6 foot box blade was a dream come true. It's like a Swiss army knife, if you know how to use it.

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