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    Default Learning How / Hydraulics

    Like to ask for reccommendations of basic texts on "beginner hydraulics" so I can start to learn the things I'll need to know about the systems on my soon-to-be-new tractor...something beyond (or fundamental-to) what my owner's manuals may tell me.

    Anybody got a good "introduction-to" book?



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    Default Re: Learning How / Hydraulics

    At one time also put out a nice book about hydraulic.

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    Default Re: Learning How / Hydraulics

    Larry H, JD has a series of publications available at their website that may interest you Deere

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    Default Re: Learning How / Hydraulics

    Here is a link to the Amry field manual on hydraulics

    Here is a detailed link on three point hydraulics

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    Default Re: Learning How / Hydraulics

    This is from a search using Encarta.


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    Default Re: Learning How / Hydraulics

    Good grief Gordon, now I know more than I ever wanted to know about hydraulics thanks to you and

    Now that I have finally figured out how Hydrostatic Drive Kubotas work I have a question.
    Does it hurt for them to sit and idle for long periods with the same fluid in the pump when it is at zero displacement?
    Do they instead bleed some fluid off so a fresh supply of cool oil is always flowing through the pump even at zero displacement?
    Enquiring minds want to know and they also want a hydrostatic drive kubota!

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    Parker Controls' engineering staff publishes a series of real good stuff on hydraulics and pneumatics. At least it's reputed to be good, and looks good...I was planning to buy a couple of the books when the truck decided it wanted a new transmission...and the money had to be scraped up from many sources... These books are available from the major industrial supply places like Grainger, MSC, McMaster-Carr, and those guys all have websites.


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