Hi everybody,

I'm new to the forum and not very experienced with tractors. I have a 2305 TLB. I'm having a hard time removing the backhoe. The issue is that one of the hoses is not long enough to set it on the ground. So I read through this forum and found that others have got around this by setting it on a pallet or jack stands. What I don't understand is how it balances. Once I got the frame on a pair of 6 x 6 blocks of wood and began to raise the boom back up to insert the transport pin, it would begin to roll toward the bucket. It seems that since most of the weight is in the boom, dipper, and bucket, it will just tip over in that direction. What supports it?

It would really be helpful if someone could post a picture of what it should look like in it's final, detached resting position.

Thanks in advance for the help,