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    Default Re: I want advice on finish mowers never owned one

    Quote Originally Posted by samandmax View Post
    ......................................A side discharge will allow you to clear grass or leaves off of your driveway or areas of lawn, especially when going backwards.
    And that's something I knew I would miss when I decided on a RD RFM. On the side discharge decks I used, I made a set of "sweeper" blades by welding exaggerated wings on them to increase air flow for taking care of leaves in the Fall. More recently I decided to build a 3PH blower. I'll post on it when it's complete.

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    Thanks for all the advice and comments I'm still doing my homework on them and also looking a flail type mowers. My grass is old pasture type and not so flat dips and washout from rain but not bad enough that I can't do it with a cub cadet 48 in cut lawn mower but it is a strain on the lawn mower if I let it go for to long and is basically tearing the blades and belts up on it. So i'm exploring new options haven't decided anything yet so please let me know what you think. Oh and I did not mention that I am kinda new to the tractor world so I have alot of learning to do. Comments opinions and thoughts are all appreciated and valued.

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    Default Re: I want advice on finish mowers never owned one

    I had a 72" FarmKing rear discharge for the L3830hst that worked great. I think the RD is a supposed to be a more efficient use of HP by sending the clippings directly out the back instead of moving them over across 1 or 2 blades to the side discharge chute. The floating hitch linkages work great for following the land contours, only problems ever encountered are those darn mole hills in my sandier soil that dull the blades. Don't have any rocks to worry about though. Have now upgraded to an 84" RD for the L5740, it never loads down even in the thickest grass but leaves a poor cut if going to fast though. Never used a flail but I understand they need more HP. I say you will be OK with the 72" RFM on your machine.

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    Default Re: I want advice on finish mowers never owned one

    I use a 60" RFM for exactly the same type of job you have. I have a rough 4 acres on some property that I own-I mow it every 3-4 weeks with the RFm set at about 4". My B2620 had plenty of power-your L3200 will have plenty of power for a 72" RFM.


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    Default Re: I want advice on finish mowers never owned one

    I mow approx. 33 acres a week with a KK rear discharge finish mower, and have done so for 5 or 6 years now. I get great results and almost no maintance cost. I replaced the 4 sets of wheel bearings and the 4 axle bolts this spring. The machine is well greased. Reason for the wear is i mow rain or shine and through standing water at times. This year is the exception to the rule. I quess it was $ 42 for the parts. Not bad for that much use it also has a floating hitch and for my ground condition it works great and priced . . .John
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    Default Re: I want advice on finish mowers never owned one

    If you decide to go with a side discharge, just remove or bungee up the discharge flap and you will spread out the clippings.

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