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    Default Yetter 71 (where to buy)

    Anyone have any suggestions on the best place to purchase a Yetter 71 flex planter (4 row) ? thanks

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    Ig you want a used deere 71 i habe them. Otherwise most of your jd dealers handle yetter equipment

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    Default Re: Yetter 71 (where to buy)

    Best price that I've found is here; Midwest Wildlife Management : 71 Series Row Crop Planter $999. / row. Though to that price you have to add the cost of the tool bar I guess as there package prices do not work out to $999. / row. On a 4-row that's $1,303. (Like I said, they don't say, but if you do the math that's what it works out to.) Don't know if he sells the individual units by themselves. Also, I guess that shipping to TX is going to cost you a few pennies, especially on the tool bar. I'd second checking out your local JD dealer. When I talked to a few different local JD dealers though, they didn't even know that Yetter was still making the 71. Good luck with all that.

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    Default Re: Yetter 71 (where to buy)

    I have a 4 row unit. I'm I E. WA. you'd have to figure how to get it to TX. bjr

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    Default Re: Yetter 71 (where to buy)

    Quote Originally Posted by pharmvet View Post
    Anyone have any suggestions on the best place to purchase a Yetter 71 flex planter (4 row) ? thanks
    Is your heart set on the Yetter? There are lots of good used four row planters out there for sale that have later technology, i.e. no till, fertilizer application at planting, etc. Larger farmers have gone to larger planters and tend to sell their used four row planters fairly cheap. Four row planters tend to fall into that no man's land, too small for real farmers and too large for the food plotters/gardeners that want a one or two row model. A good used two row model is like gold these days, not so much the four row planters. Also, the later model four row planters have a readily available supply of parts. I think you could get a good used JD 7000 for less than the new Yetter.

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