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    Default jd 609 cutter on dx40

    Hi, does anyone know if a jd 609 (6 footer with 4" cutting capacity) is too much for my case dx 40. It weighs 1200llbs with a tractor hp rating of 40hp and my tractors 3pt is at about 2300lbs. I just wonder if thats going to be too much weight to throw around while using a medium/heavy duty cutter. Ive only used lighter duty ones at around 700lbs. My tractors pto is 30 hp. Thanks Jp

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    Default Re: jd 609 cutter on dx40

    I will go out on a limb and say that is too big/heavy/power hungry cutter for your tractor. According to tractor data your 3pt lift is 2000 pounds 24 inches back. Your pto is 33 hp. You would have to mow very slow even in grass. You would need a large amount of front ballast to keep your front tires firm on the ground. I think you would just need a lighter duty 6 footer or if you needed to be able to cut bigger stuff go with a heavier duty 5 footer like a Bush Hog 295.

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    Default Re: jd 609 cutter on dx40

    Depends on what you want to accomplish with it, if you are trying to beat up some slash and reclaim some land would work okay. If you want to clip pastures at a higher ground speed it would be very heavy and cumbersome to deal with. Also the pto setup on your tractor is independent but can you engage it slowly or is it electrically controlled? Might be a lot to start turning with an electric pto.

    The 609 is a very good design though, wish I had that instead of the MX6 as I do more clearing than mowing with mine.

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    Default Re: jd 609 cutter on dx40

    Before I got mine the dealer was telling me that I should have at least a 5000 series tractor, not sure where yours would match?

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