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    Default Potential. BCS tractor / Tiller Buyer. And Shreeder

    We retired to a cottage lake property with lots of grass, shrubs and Ever growing alder bushes. Got a great lawn mower but need a tiller for those garden and roadway and walking paths edges. Wanted to consider the BCS. Sickle as well. Finally we need lots of mulch for the permanent plants so I was considering the BCS shreeder. We think we are sold on the tiller, but the sickle and shreeder are big question marks. Very concerned over the shredding capacity of the PTO unit. Any comments Or direction would be appreciated. LGDI. Stands for " Let George Do It ".

    Reviews of used tractors and implements surprised me by the relative high asking price versus new units ?.

    Any advice where to look other than Kijiji, Craigslist, earth tools ?

    Thanks. LGDI

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    Default Re: Potential. BCS tractor / Tiller Buyer. And Shreeder

    Used Tractors For Sale at John Deere Tractors, used farm tractors and farm equipment, tractors for sale, Case IH, New Holland, Agco, kubota (sister site of tractorhouse)

    giving details about your tractor (make model, HP, PTO HP. 2WD or 4WD or MFWD) any other implements you might have for tractor. like FEL (front end loader), bush hog, etc.... do you have any sort of weed eater (straight or curved shaft), or walk behind self propelled bush hogs / weed whackers?

    make / model of lawn mower.

    do you have a trailer? if so is it a dump cart or small bumper trailer?

    rough guess of acres you need to maintain of a certain type. (bush hogging, for example)

    approx acres you own.

    having above info, might help others zero in on what might be a better fit for you. and help ya maintain things easier / better. or what might work in better with what you already have.

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    Default Re: Potential. BCS tractor / Tiller Buyer. And Shreeder

    Not sure if you are still considereing. I have a 10 year old 830. Only use it for the tiller and it is hard to beat for that purpose. I also live in north Florida now, but bought mine used in Maryland (I lived there at the time). They are definately not cheap, but should last a lifetime if well maintained. It's a heavy machine but not that hard to use. Much easier to use than a lighter weight machine like a Troybilt Bronco that just likes to hop around.
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    Default Re: Potential. BCS tractor / Tiller Buyer. And Shreeder

    Welcome to TBN

    I moved your thread to the Attachments forum.
    TBN Support

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    Default Re: Potential. BCS tractor / Tiller Buyer. And Shreeder

    I have a BCS unit that is approx 18 years old. I have never had any significant issues and it continues to serve us well to this day.
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    Default Re: Potential. BCS tractor / Tiller Buyer. And Shreeder

    We have had a BCS tiller for 28 years. Never a problem. Can't speak to the value of a shreddrer attachment though. If light shredding is all you want to do it would probably be OK but for serious shredding / chipping I'd forget it. I had a hegh end 16 HP shredder / chipper and it was just addequate.

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