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    Default first time user - landpride rtr58 reverse tine tiller - tips on tilling

    Good evening, well i installed my Pat's easy change thingies this week. I then was able to cut the pto driveline to the correct length. Only had to take off 1 inch. Hooked up new tiller and made three passes about 200 ft long. Wow this thing is awesome !!

    Never used a tiller before. I noticed the slower you go the finer it tills. It seems i could just set the side depth rails at the deepest setting and go slow. Maybe . This soil around here is pretty sandy/soft.

    Do you pros have any advice. One pass? Do you go one direction do a 180 then opposite direction ? Do you ever till one direction on a field then do the field perpindicular with another pass ?

    I am really impressed with this implement.

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    Default Re: first time user - landpride rtr58 reverse tine tiller - tips on tilling

    Mine is set to the deepest setting, and I generally make 2 passes(usually faster on the second pass). If you can go in more than one direction, do so.

    But be aware that your tiller will 'move' the dirt. Yours is reverse tine, so it will pull the dirt from one end of the garden, and deposit it towards the other. Mine is forward tine, so it will deposit the dirt behind me, making the forward end shallow.

    Usually what I do is.........go left to right on the first pass on the first row, right to left on second row............then reverse direction for each row on the second till to even it all back up.

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