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    Default Re: Backhoe attachment is hard on 3-point lift ????

    My old ford 621 backhoe even from back in the 60's is frame mounted the tractor doesn't even have three point arms, a top link bracket, or the 3pth hydraulic manifold or pump. This farm tractor was just a blank tractor that had a front mount hydraulic pump, a FEL, and a frame mounted BH installed on it. This is even a fairly easy to remove BH and all of the farm hydraulics can be added to the tractor, but even back then they didn't mount this hoe to a 3pth setup and this tractor was is really build, overbuilt. Now granted the hoe is way more powerful that one that is run off of the tractor hydraulics, but if this thing was mounted to a 3pth setup I know it would just rip the tractor apart.
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    Default Re: Backhoe attachment is hard on 3-point lift ????

    Quote Originally Posted by MFWD View Post
    I will soon be getting a 7' Liberty backhoe attachment for my 2002 New Holland TC35D. I've been reading lately on different forums that some people seem to think that they are hard on a 3-point hitch and should be mounted on a sub frame. The unit weighs 1250 lbs. My 3-point will lift 2000 lbs so that seems like it should work ok. Is it the movement created while using the backhoe that is hard on the 3-point ? I would think that the 3-points should be built heavy enough to handle that. The backhoe unit has hydraulic arms that go down to help stabilize the tractor and unit when using it. This is my first backhoe attachment so I have no experience with one. Is there anybody out there that has knowledge from experience or an expert that would like to give me some comments ? All help will be greatly appreciated !!! Thanks !!!!!

    We need an update on the backhoe, please.
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    Default Re: Backhoe attachment is hard on 3-point lift ????

    Definatally would be interested in an update.

    I know this is a highly contested topic. But I am also a believer in the fact that we can break anything if not used or sized properly as someone else already pointed out.

    Sure, a subframe mount is stronger. But there have certainly been tons of 3ph units sold over the years and only a few times we hear about issues. And most of those times it was due to improper use/technique or too big a hoe on too small of a tractor.

    If given a choice, obviously a subframe is the way to go. But I certainly wouldnt pass up a good deal on a 3pt if one came along.
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    Default Re: Backhoe attachment is hard on 3-point lift ????

    I have an American made 3-point backhoe - a model that was sold by both kubota (don't click that) and Yanmar dealers as OEM on their 24 hp models around 1980. (Photo 1 - mine., Photo 2 - Ebay pic - same thing in Yanmar's OEM green). I've seen one dealer post here that he only sold three of these and all his other sales were the frame-mount version of this. He didn't have any trouble with them but didn't recommend them. I think this 3-point hoe is noticeably less powerful - to avoid damaging the tractor - than a frame mount hoe for this size tractor. But it sure is handy.

    A different dealer of used tractors recommended against buying this hoe. He said he had personally seen a Kubota with the upper mount region ripped out the back of the transmission. He said the thing to watch out for is not operating the hoe, but rather, even greater stresses are created by driving around with the hoe bouncing and tugging on the upper link. I've heard of a couple of other instances of the back of a Kubota transmission ripped out by a 3point BH. I don't know if any of these were a BH that was a dealer-recommended match to the tractor, like I have.

    Also - my little hoe doesn't have enough force to lift the tractor off the ground or drag it sideways very well. I quit dragging it sideways after I bent a lower lift arm.

    Summary - not recommended. But 24 horsepower behind any kind of shovel sure beats digging by hand. Lets say they are suitable only for occasional casual use. If you expect to get some real work out of it, buy a frame mount version.

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