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    Default Snow blade on fel. but under the QA bracket

    After many years of having the plow blade mounted in the bucket and sticking out so far, and having to have counterweight, I finally got a QA fel adapter from ebay.It allowed me to makde a new mount for the blade and the picture can show how it sets under the plate now and what a difference in weight distrubution.Im looking forward to it this year.-img_0476-jpg-img_0477-jpg-img_0498-jpg-img_0499-jpg-img_0500-jpg-img_0501-jpg-img_0502-jpg-img_0503-jpg-img_0505-jpg-img_0507-jpg-img_0508-jpg-img_0510-jpg-img_0518-jpg
    90 dollars for the plate BTW

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    Default Re: Snow blade on fel. but under the QA bracket

    So it mounts kind of behind the QA plate...interesting, I like! I was worried about having all that weight out front when building myself one, but now you have me thinking!...

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    Default Re: Snow blade on fel. but under the QA bracket

    well really it mounts about in the middle of the entire frame. But the original mount holes are under the frame itself.Im not sure if I will have problems with the rear of the plow frame needing 'skids' as I dont think ill be using float option.I prefere to let it ride at an angle freely. (with chain on the upper part) as usual The QA plate was a good price for a plate but you need to 'add' some to it. I welded a 1 1/2 inch pipe to the top section.mounted some hooks on that part for the chain.
    When it was mounted in the bucket the mount was bolted to the "bed" of the bucket (inside). and I could feel the weight. I saw one the other day where they mounted the pin part of the original plow frame on the inside backside of the bucket.I imagine an attempt to move the weight to the rear of the bucket more.
    im hoping visibilty is better this was also.I have a 2 inch pipe slit and welded on the cutting edge also so that reduces the bite. Im hoping all the counter weight i need is a rear blade.Ive seen on here where people run them facing forward, just like you would to grade dirt.I could use the front plow to rough it in and then have the rear blade to cut it deeper.If that makes sence.

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