Hi folks. I've bought a used 2000 kubota L3000DT, without a FEL. Tractor was great price, and only 700 hrs., but now I'm on the hunt for a front end loader. Local dealer quoted approx 5,000 Canadian, all in, labour included. I wanted to spend a little while searching before I lay out that much cash. I'd appreciate hearing from other L3000DT owners about makes and model numbers of their after-market loaders. Once I have a list, I can see what's out there on Kijiji, E-bay, etc. I'm not expecting to score a used one, but was hoping that maybe someone within 500 miles has one on a skid in a warehouse that they want to get rid of.
Here are the compatible makes/models I've figured out so far: Stoll FC 350, Koyker 155, Westendorf TA111, Bush Hog 2045?, Buhler Allied 295?, Kubota LB402 or LA450? Thanks, Jim