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    Default Anyine use a grass "overseeder" like a Landpride OS1572 six ft seeder?

    I have been using a Brillion six ft seeder to do lawns with and there are times I wish I had an "overseeder" or "slit seeder" seeder as some call it. I happened to see a Landpride OS1572 six ft seeder at a farm show and it looked interesting. Normally, I would prefer Brillion as a brand but I don't think they make an overseeder or maybe have discontinued it.
    I would use this seeder as an overseeder in existing lawns but also on new prepped ground and wonder how well they work and how ell people like them. A big concern is how well they do when they hit a rock and how long the knives last. How do they work if the soil has any dampness to it? In short, any advice appreciated on Landpride, Brillion or other slit-type seeders.

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    Default Re: Anyine use a grass "overseeder" like a Landpride OS1572 six ft seeder?

    I have a Befco overseeder that does a great job. I dont think brand maters as much as if it is PTO or ground driven. The PTO is the only way to go. It will bring up a stand of grass like you would not believe. I got mine after years of buying seed, fertilizer and lime without good results. Also maintenance is high never leave fertilizer in it for more than 24 hours. I put new blades on mine right after I got it so can not say how long they last. It is very heavy but when you hit a large rock or root it will kick up and go over it. Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Anyine use a grass "overseeder" like a Landpride OS1572 six ft seeder?

    I have a 6 ft Befco coming out of the shop next week. It is a slit seeder with 2 hoppers and 2 sets of cultipacker rollers. Ken Sweet

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    Default Re: Anyine use a grass "overseeder" like a Landpride OS1572 six ft seeder?

    I have been using a land Pride 2" slit seeder for years. Very awesome seeder in over seeding or worked ground. It will take a long time to wear knives down for replacment. I do run over my share of rocks to. I use the slit seeder option on mine, which puts +95% of the seed in the ground which stays moisture longer = a quicker and better stand than seeding on top the ground (unless straw is used). I can plant 1/2 the seed rate this way because all seeds will geminate. So for me this saves or makes me extra $$ on each seeding job.
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