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    Default Bent the wheel fork on my BushHog Shredder

    I could use some help in finding out if it is possible to straighten the fork on my shredder wheel. I am not sure how it got bent, for sure I did it, but now the wheel is running crooked and I would like to straighten it back to its original position. I tried with the wheel and fork on the implement but no luck. Thanks for listening!!

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    Default Re: Bent the wheel fork on my BushHog Shredder

    i tried to straighten my tailwheel fork, and using heat and a press I did get it straight. not easy there are some weird angles to work against. And in the long run; it re-bent. so this spring I am ordering a new one: Quality Farm Supply - Farm equipment, tractor parts, agricultural supplies
    specifically Quality Farm Supply - Farm equipment, tractor parts, agricultural supplies
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    Default Re: Bent the wheel fork on my BushHog Shredder

    Mine was bent and straightened several times until the top weld finally let go. I then got a total replacement.
    I was told that the cause of this (in my case) was dropping down into a sharp dip. As you go over the lip, the mower lifts up and the tail wheel swings around backwards. As you head down through the dip, the tail of the mower then slams down on the ground with the wheel still facing the wrong way, which makes the wheel assembly pivot around, quite forcefully, sometimes bending the forks in the process. I now make sure that there is lots of slack in the toplink chain on the mower, to try to keep the wheel on the ground all the time, and also make an effort to ease through dips a bit more far, so good.
    The alternative way to bend the forks is to back into something just right (or wrong!).

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    Default Re: Bent the wheel fork on my BushHog Shredder

    I bent mine, I bought a new one online for less than $90 delivered. (Woods brand). It hardly seemed worth trying to fix.

    In addition to the other advice, keep it well lubricated so it can pivot freely. I believe (with great conviction, on the scantiest of evidence) that that will help protect it.

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    Default Re: Bent the wheel fork on my BushHog Shredder

    Bent the wheel fork on my BushHog Shredder-fixed-jpgBent the wheel fork on my BushHog Shredder-bent-jpg

    just make a new one.

    IO bought a shredder for 100$ with a bent tailwheel fork.

    I cut up some scrap and made a new one.. swapped the laminated wheel over and went.

    took maybee 30m of torch and welder and grinder work.

    here's the pic of the bent one.

    i torched the spindle pin out and ground the old weld off.

    measured the old bent one. cut up scrap to correct dimensions.. welded up.. welded new pin in just like the old one. roughed out the axle holes with the torch, as shown in the pic. cleaned them up with a bur and then cut a brass pushing in half to make 2 shorter bushings..drove in brass bushing.. then selected a correct sized bolt for the axle.. added the lock nut and weld to cutting. after applying correct balck spray paint..

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    Default Re: Bent the wheel fork on my BushHog Shredder

    Bent mine too a few weeks ago. I was backing into some heavy brush and backed into a tree with the wheel. Tried to bend it back with a sledge but that did not work.
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    I bent the tail wheel on my Rhino RC a couple of years ago. A friend who is a welder straightened it and I have yet to bent it again. It didn't take him long so I assume a good welding shop could do it for a few bucks if you don't have the equipment.

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