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    Default Re: Another Leaf cleanup question

    About all i do, I chute it into a windrow and keep running the crap over, gets pretty fine after 3-4 passes.

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    Default Re: Another Leaf cleanup question

    I happened to find a Trac-vac 854 on CL bout an hour away from me. I had a modified a Trac-vac unit couple years ago and it worked very well but it was a small unit with only a single trash can for the bin, the issue was capacity. After a couple days of hard thinking, I called to see if it was available. I now have a serious leaf eating machine. I was able to do my 1 1/2 acres in 2-3 hours. My 2320 could use a couple more hp, running the 62 inch deck, and the pto fan unit, going up the small hills in my yard, I could bring the engine rpm's down by 500 if I didn't go slow.

    BTW, I have tried just mulching the leaves in place, In the areas with the large cottonwood, and a number of poplar trees, I ended up with 2-3 inches of leaf mulch, and big mess come spring time......

    I'll try to remember to get some better pics Another Leaf cleanup question-img_0769-1-jpg
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