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    Default Kubota K-550, K-600, K-650 or L650 Backhoe with a three point hitch attachment.

    I have just acquired a kubota K-650,K-550, K-600, or L-650 three point attaching backhoe. It is my understanding that Kubota in the late 70's and early 80's had these backhoes made for them by a manufacture here in the states and sold them as an option for their early L185, L245, L175, and L225 series tractors. I have tried several Kubota Dealers and was told that Kubota is basically not recognizing this as a Kubota backhoe. They are claiming they have no supporting records or manuals for it. I have been lucky enough to acquire parts manuals for the earlier models of the backhoe which give what seems to be a fairly accurate parts breakdown and list.

    However, both of my parts booklets make reference to a "Three Point Limiter" and a "Three Point Limiter Cylinder". The backhoe I purchased does not have one. I have not been able to find any reference to it's purpose, where it goes, and what it connects to on the backhoe unit. I did notice that neither breakdown of the mounting frame shows the curved two inch pipe that connects close to each of the lifting arm attachment points. I am thinking that the connecting pipe was a later model improvement that eliminated the need for the Three Point Limiter apparatus.

    I would appreciate any help or information you may have or know about this three point limiter apparatus.

    Thank you,
    Benjamin J. "Joe" Browning
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    Default Re: Kubota K-550, K-600, K-650 or L650 Backhoe with a three point hitch attachment.

    I believe those backhoe's were built by Arps and you did need the limiter. Some actually were quite primitive and just secured the drawbar with a chain to limit the amount of freedom the backhoe had to move up and down. Others used a rigid top link in later builds.

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