Well I've had my JD 4300 for about 10 years now, and mostly just use it to mow with. I've been dragging my feet trying to decide on buying a bigger machine, and have just decided to keep the 4300. It's got 2100 hours on it, and I just feel comfortable knowing everything about it, rather than buying a used one that I know nothing about. So I've decided that rather than buy another machine, I would be really happy with the 4300 if it just had a loader on it. I have tried to price a John Deere loader at the local dealership and was told they could no longer get the hydraulic kit that was needed for my machine. The power beyond kit I believe. (If any one knows otherwise, please explain). My machine only has one set of remotes out the back, and no other hydraulics. My question is twofold; I have priced a Bush Hog, Westendorf, and Koyker loader to put on. All three are comparable in capacity, but I would like to know of any opinions/experience of the brands. The Westendorf and Bush Hog are almost a $1000.00 more than the Koyker, but sometimes you get what you pay for, and I would hate to spend $4400.00 on a loader that I hated, when I could have spent $5300.00 on one that I love. Also I would like to know if anyone can tell me what to look for, to make sure I have I can hook these to my tractor. I have told all three companys the specifics of my tractor, and they all say that it is no problem that I currently don't have hydraulics on it. I have priced all three loaders cash and carry, so I'm concerned with getting all the required parts, since I will be installing myself. I'm confident in my skills to put it on, but unsure what to double check. If I check the websites of all three, the manuals show all the hydraulics that are attached to the loader, but don't show how the hydraulics are attached to the tractor. Thanks in advance for any help.