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    Default Trac Vac Hose

    Hi guys, I have a Trac Vac and need new hose for it. I have been looking for a decent place to buy it and it seems like it is all over the place. Do you any of you have any online sources for this type of hose. It is 6 inch ribbed flexible hose. I pull the Trac Vac behind my trusty kubota GH5200.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Trac Vac Hose

    I recently replaced the 25' 6" hose I use on my Trac Vac for pickup from ditches - got it from Wynn Environmental, at Flexible Hose

    It works great - much better than the old arrangement with two sections joined in the middle, because that clogged at the joint. This one is clear so you can see any clogs, an issue if you are using it for remote pickup.

    They have other sizes and lengths, and I found them very helpful when I called.


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    Default Re: Trac Vac Hose

    My order from Wynn was 18" short and not the thickness described in the ad. They took it back immediately without a problem. I assumed it was in error. I ordered from a different company, exactly as their specs indicated. I had 6" before and the 8" was a drastic improvement.

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    Default Re: Trac Vac Hose

    There are a couple of companies on ebay that sell replacement hose for that use.

    This one seems to have the best variety for different applications
    eBay My World - universal-hose

    They also have them for shop vacs, carpet extractors and a couple of other types. prices don't seem too bad.
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