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    Default Re: Rollover Box Blade - Difficult To Load On 3-Pt Hitch - Any tips??

    Quote Originally Posted by radrock View Post
    ........... no doubt if it isn't square it is hard to hook up. I hook up the closest matched pin first and. Then lift the three point hitch slightly to work it to match the other side. Top link is last. ..............
    I disagree slightly with this comment......I hook up the pin that is farthest from the tractor first and then pull forward with the tractor to line up the other pin. Much safer than lifting with the 3pt or trying to lever the implement around.

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    Default Re: Rollover Box Blade - Difficult To Load On 3-Pt Hitch - Any tips??


    I have added <$200 Stabilworks' pin-adjustable, telescoping, lift arm stabilizers (kubota still calls them check chains in the manual.) to my three point hitch.

    I can attach 630 pound 'Bush Hog' Rollover Box Blade to draw pins in less than 2 minutes every time, while reinforcing the lift arms; another minute for the Hydraulink top link and good to go.

    Kubota tractor stabilizers Kubota - YouTube

    Note: rollover box blade is PUSHING loose dirt in reverse. Something I was afraid to do before reinforcement via Stabilworks mechs.
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    Default Re: Rollover Box Blade - Difficult To Load On 3-Pt Hitch - Any tips??

    I don't believe I have ever seen a rollover blade before...nice.

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