I have an old Farmi JL 306 logging winch that I am trying to rebuild. The thrust bearings were shot so I know I need to replace those. Both the Drum and the Main Sprocket (holds the chain and clutch pads) have self-lubricating flat bearings that really look like bushings. The axle has some gouges from the main sprocket rubbing on it. This could be due to the totally destroyed rear thrust bearing on the back side of the main sprocket but I think it could also be from the flat bearing/bushing that is really chewed up on both ends and has several grooves it it's surface.

I have not removed this type of bearing before. Is the procedure similar to pushing a bushing out with say a socket and hammer? The end seems somewhat flexible as if it is not a solid piece and it is sticking out or distorted (rolled over or deeple gouched.

They get big bucks to get new ones so I want to make sure I can do the job or maybe just live with the current situation. Thanks for any advice, Wayne from Maine