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    Default Kelly B10 backhoe info?

    I posted this in the Massey forum, but thought it might get more traffic here...

    I just picked up a GC2300 this week. It came with a FEL, BB and Auger. But one of the things I'd really like to get for it is a backhoe. I found a small 3PT unit not far from my house, but I can't really find any info on the thing.

    It's a Kelly B10. It's listed as a 1999, and looks to be in fair shape. Just looking at the ad, it appears to need some paint, and a new seat. It has a PTO pump.

    The dealer wants $2850, but my neighbor says it's been sitting on their lot for a while now, so they'd probably come down.

    I don't really need a backhoe at the moment, but when I get home next year, there are a bunch of projects I need to get done, and having a BH would make things much easier. Also, if it's a decent unit, it's about half of what a new unit runs. My neighbor said he'd run over to the dealer next week some time and take a look at it for me and check it over for wear, etc.

    I know a frame mounted unit would be better than a 3PT, but it's just going be light duty work around the property.

    Does anyone have one of these little guys? If you do, how is it holding up?
    I see that Kelly still makes BH's, but I can't find anything on their site about this model.

    Here's the ad:

    Thanks for the help!


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    Default Re: Kelly B10 backhoe info?

    I happen to have this same unit. I havent used it much. I think my pump is week and am getting that checked out and rebuilt if needed. I think it is a good match for my tractor (kubota B7800 30 hp). I think the backhoe is small enough that it shouldnt hurt my tractor. I had to redou some of the pin collers for the buckets (12 & 15 inch). So I would say the previous owner used it quite a bit. It is a pretty simple looking hoe, not to much to it. I think $2850 is a bit much. You have found the Kelly web site, Give them a call and see what the new replacement model sells for and base the price off of that.

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    Default Re: Kelly B10 backhoe info?

    Looks like a simple & sweet little unit- is something like this small enough to transport in a truck bed, or do you need a trailer? Looks like the weight isn't too much- around 600 pounds.

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