Thank You for all your patience

This has been a busy month for me so I have not been able to post in a while.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for your patience and your comments, both the positive and the critical. I have tried to make changes based on viewer suggestions, though it is impossible to make every change as some flatly contradict others.

Right now my biggest ongoing issue is getting my shipping properly integrated. My primary shipper is supposed to integrate software into the site so that shipping automatically calculates for the specific zip code. While this should be a straightforward process, in actuality, it makes herding cats or nailing jelly to the wall seem easy by comparison. I may switch shippers.

I know that some viewers from this site have tried to get an automated shipping quote and have been frustrated in the process. This frustrates me too, but or the moment, if you are interested in a price or shipping quote, please contact me by either TBN PM or through the Contact Us portion of the website. I know this is an inconvenience but it is the most reliable way to get in contact and I do check my messages regularly. I will get you a shipping quote promptly.

My focus remains the same: to make available quality, hard-to-find items for the best possible price.

Again, thanks and please contact me if you have any further questions.