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I have been planning to buy a 25 gal. sprayer. I went by my local Tractor Supply yesterday to get one and found they had 4 that were stored outside and showed signs of rust, hose dry rot, flat tires, etc. Well I didn't particularly want to but something that looked used and would soon require some attention. I asked an employee if they had any inside boxed up, as I have no problem assembling a new one. He had to check with the manager. They had nothing inside just outside and the price was the same, $279.
Is it just me or would anyone else have wanted a sprayer that looked new when you bought it or would you have bought one of the "nasty" looking ones outside at full retail price?
Call their corporate office and let them know about your experience. They will remedy it really quick. They did for me, except mine was paint or lack of it. Looks like the store manager is a slacker.