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    Default Re: Sprayer pump stops after 2-3 seconds

    Yep, I did
    Chris Barnes

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    Default Re: Sprayer pump stops after 2-3 seconds

    Join the club- we all have done it and some will even admit it!!

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    Default Re: Sprayer pump stops after 2-3 seconds

    Quote Originally Posted by CBW1999 View Post
    I don't believe anything is wrong with the pump.
    It looks like a "pressure" demand pump which will only run until the pressure hits the set point. As you spray and the pressure drops below the lower set point, it will kick in long enough to bring the pressure back up. When it kicks on it should make that "pulsing" sound like when you first turn it on.

    It only pressurizes the hose to the wand, not the tank. On that note, check all the hoses to make sure no crud is in there. There should be a strainer/filter on the pick up hose in the tank, take apart anything servicable on the wand as well and look for clogs.

    I had a similar set up I was going to use in the FEL bucket but, for my needs need a bigger tank.
    He's exactly right. I have a small five gallon rechargable battery type from TSC which works the same way and it had some debris in the line. cleaned it and it now works as it should.

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