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    Default another homemade log splitter question about hydraulics

    Hi guys, although this is my first post, I have been a member here for a while and you all have been of great help. But now I need some specific help. I have made a log splitter to hook up to my 1986 JD 2950. I have done so much research and simply cannot find a definitive answer about the proper way to hook up the hydraulics. Honestly, I usually don稚 give this kind of stuff much thought because we only have one piece of equipment that runs off hydros, but I want to do this right. I was given a 4x24 hydraulic cylinder, that I believe was bought from TSC. Anyway, I am curious about hooking up a separate valve to control the hydraulics for the splitter, but I do not know if that will work with my tractor having a closed center hyrdraulic system, can anyone shed some light on this, but explain it like your talking to a 10 year old?
    It has 4 ports on the back with two control valves to the right of the seat ( I do not know if that was standard from JD or not, but it was like that when I bought it). It would be nice to be able to have a separate control valve for the splitter instead of using the ones on the tractor, but I just don稚 know how it can work otherwise. Also, I am wondering what size hydraulic lines and fittings to run, or if that even makes a significant difference so long as they are strong enough.

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    Default Re: another homemade log splitter question about hydraulics

    it would seem from your post that you have rear remotes on your JD.

    closed center means when the lever is in the center postion no fluid flows through the spool.

    most common splitter hookup for this kind of setup is as follows.

    useing a wood spliter valve like this one Surplus Center - 1 SPOOL 25 GPM LOG SPLITTER VALVE W/AUTO DETENT

    The log splitter valve will have 4 ports to hook up hoses. on the above, the supply (comming from one of the rear remote hookups) is connected to the right side port (if the lever faces the front) the top 2 ports are for hoses that lead to and from the cylinder. the left side port goes back to the other port of the rear remote you chose to use.

    then you bungi cord or tye off the rear remote lever on the tractor to be in one of the directions, and then the log splitter valve behaves just the way it would if it were connected to a normal splitter.

    swaping the hoses on the top 2 ports will determine which way the cylinder moves when you push/pull the log splitter handle, swaping the lines on the back of th tractor will also change the direction the cylinder moves. so if doesnt move the right way the first time, try reversing the connections on the rear of the tractor, or tie the handle off in the other direction.

    oh and the hydraulics section of the forums is a good place to have this thread moved to.
    Steve - TC33D 4x4 FEL, dual rear remotes with toys

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    Default Re: another homemade log splitter question about hydraulics

    thank you for your prompt response, that was perfect. I guess I didn't consider the fact i could bungi cord the lever on the tractor. A guy at the local tractor parts place said that I cannot use a valve since my tractor was "close center", I just wanted to be sure that was incorrect.
    I will move the post
    Thanks again.

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