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    Default Is a landpride rcr1542 rotary cutter worth 450$

    There's one close to me on craigslist, and it looks pretty good. It would be perfect behind my kubota BX2660.

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    Default Re: Is a landpride rcr1542 rotary cutter worth 450$

    What are you going to mow with it? I own a 1560 and it's a good unit but not heavy duty. After 12 years of mowing fields once a year, so maybe 40 hours of mowing it's pretty beat up. I have a couple of slices where the blades came up and hit the deck and cut through it. So if your mowing field crass and nothing else and there are no surprises in the field it will be ok. I had a tree on the side of the road, the town decided to take it down and the bucked it up and left it on the ground in the field. Well that stuff is hard to see when the weeds are 5 feet high.... Made one **** of a noise... If I had to do it again, I'd be looking for a flail mower.


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    Default Re: Is a landpride rcr1542 rotary cutter worth 450$

    Considering there is a 2012 model on tractor house for almost $1300, I'd say $450 isnt bad if its in good shape

    I think you are right that the 1542 would be a good match for your tractor. You wont hurt it any.

    Used bushhogs, 5' light to meduim duty cutters are real cheap. A dime a dozen. Cause they seem to be by far the most popular cause that is what everone used on the old n fords and the like.

    This compact tractor craze of the last 20 or so years have brought the popularity of 42", 48" and 54" cutters up a good bit, but you pay for them. Its a smaller market and fewer of them used out there. If it is what you are looking for, and in good shape, I dont think you can go wrong.
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    Default Re: Is a landpride rcr1542 rotary cutter worth 450$

    I just saw one on Craigslist of that make and model selling for $850.00. It is in Littleton. I have no idea where Littleton is, but it may give you some insight. Best wishes.
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