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    Default Re: What is Everything Attachments thinking?

    I think a couple of folks here worked on the assembly line who made my Jeep 20 years ago.

    Never again.

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    Default Re: What is Everything Attachments thinking?

    Quote Originally Posted by BuzzardA91 View Post
    Where are you EverythingAttachments. Anytime somebody asks about implements you are usually the first responder. I am also looking for a box blade after first of year and am all set to buy from you. I love the videos and Peanut is a hoot. Issue sounds minor, that doesn't bother me. And an unhappy customer is noisy. What concerns me most is why haven't you posted. In the name of Peanut, answer up.....
    Quote Originally Posted by Zebrafive View Post
    To all those asking why EA has not respond here, remember today is not a business day. Let them have the weekend off. If nothing Monday have at 'em.
    40 posts in 12 hours essentially bashing EA for not responding- let's slow down a little bit.

    I would offer a couple of insights:

    The OP has a legitimate concern to be addressed however, the "replies" from EA are paraphrased. Unless I see an e-mail directly, I tend not to give 100% credibility to what is being stated third hand. Most every post is based on this unclear information

    I appreciate photos depicting the problem but, can anyone truley inspect and come to an educated conclusion without seeing it in person?

    The OP is sharing his frustration which I understand. The majority of responses are negative towards EA and not offerring anything to the OP about either fixing the problem or offerring advice on how to communicate the issue to EA.

    AND- members wonder why the moderators do what they do.

    On the same token, EA should- when they come up to speed- also evaluate their communication via e-mail. I have experienced many times over the years poorly worded messages sent to me that don't really convey what the sender was thinking. Not everyone is great at communication, written or verbal. We all have our moments.
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    Default Re: What is Everything Attachments thinking?

    Quote Originally Posted by daugen View Post
    Its a boxblade. Its structurly fine, It goes on and off. Its working fine.
    I'm not sure what the big deal is..
    As post #14 pointed out, the pin binds when it's inserted, and requires a bunch of washers to shim it up. It's a small thing, but it would bug me too. Still, this isn't some home-built piece-of-junk blade, right? It's not too much to ask to have everything on a professionally built implement square and true, is it? Just on principle! I know that Ted takes a lot of pride in the quality of EA's implements. I can't imagine him seeing this and saying, "Ah. Good enough. Let it go." This is clearly something that slipped through QA.

    Quote Originally Posted by daugen View Post
    But c'mon EA, you sold it, you refund the repair money, cheerfully and promptly, get your money back from the mfg.,
    Not sure what you mean here. I believe that EA is the manufacturer.

    It should be a relatively easy job to cut the ear off and re-weld it. Still, it would bug the heck out of me to have to do it to a brand new blade, and I certainly would want the manufacturer to cover the expense.

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    Default Re: What is Everything Attachments thinking?

    Quote Originally Posted by daugen View Post
    But why should a buyer of a new product have to shim it up with endless washers? The OP will be looking at those washers for a long time.
    I have no idea why the washers/shims are there in the Original posters pictures. It must be his personal preferance.
    They certainly don't need to be there
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    Default Re: What is Everything Attachments thinking?

    glad i read this post before i bought from them...... getting ready to pull the pin on a rear finish mower and grader blade, the way it sounds looks like I will be buying from a different source, if this is the response from them on a box blade then how will they handle a mower deck ????????

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    Default Re: What is Everything Attachments thinking?

    Not sure what you mean here. I believe that EA is the manufacturer.
    They could certainly be, sorry, did not mean to insinuate otherwise, but they also resell, as they did
    for what I bought. If their "own guy" fab'd this, then there's no question where to ask. And see what spec that employee is
    operating under. And why the right spec wasn't followed here. I got the impression, and I hope not incorrectly, that the OP was told
    it was operator error, not mfg. error. If the device is/was brand new, how could that be? I must be missing something. Was it bent in shipping?

    Fun to speculate, but not fun to bash. And I don't see that going on here; discussion and concern is not automatically bashing. Trying someone or some business in the court
    of public opinion without due process is understandably a bad idea. Let's be pleasant on's a day of rest but not for us for sure.

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    Another interesting matter related is that the TBN member from EA is always taking the opportunity to post a comment in threads to advertise their products but aren't willing to step in and deal with issues when they come up.

    Your problem is clearly a defect and not user error or misuse and we should continue to pressure them for service or else...

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    Default Re: What is Everything Attachments thinking?

    A post made at one o'clock on a Sunday morning that has already brought out the pitchforks and torches asking why they aren't responding before church lets out...

    This is why customer/dealer disagreements are generally removed. They are one-sided. They also expose the original poster to legal issues. It is a matter to be settled between the two parties.

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    Default Re: What is Everything Attachments thinking?

    I've brought this thread back to give EA a chance to reply publicly. Sorry for the delay on this matter. I've been catching up on a lot of things the past few days after some travel and being sick.
    Muhammad Chishti

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    Default Re: What is Everything Attachments thinking?

    That's good to know. I am in the market for a rototiller and a cultivator. I was also considering buying from EA.

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